Meizhou Cup Large-Scale Yacht Race Held in Shenzhen

2017-04-24 09:05:20 Admin 15

April 23, 2017, Meizhou Cup large-scale yacht race held in Shenzhen. It is the largest folk sailing enthusiasts tournament, organized by the Sailing Club.The event aim to be regional cultural and characteristics.Dapeng New District Sports and Tourism Bureau pays a lot of attention to this event. It provides a self-display and communication platform for the sailing enthusiasts, they are from different industries and regions, compete and enjoy themsleves to the most. As the supplier of wireless transmission devices for the competition,handling the preparation of the stadium during the competition. LinkAV sent a number of professional wireless video surveillance system technician to the scene, helped design a best reliable solution, and completed wireless video link before the event beginning. In order to ensure the successful wireless video surveillance system during the operation of the event. LinkAV sent technicians to the scene of the Sailing competition monitoring center on standby to supply strong technical support, to make sure high quality wireless video transmission without any fuzzy tailing and record every wonderful moment in the tournament. The competion is equipped with 20W HD wireless video transmitters and compatible receivers,the transmission distance can be up to 30km.During the course of the competition, the real-time events of the scene are transmitted directly to the shore. And the built-in high quality filter, 3 frequency points 3 machine bits are not interference. 6 MHZ bandwidth to transmit 1080 I 50 quality video without any problems, industry leading code technology make events more clearly, even in the condition of rapid movement, video quality is still no discount, no fuzzy tail.