Covert Investigation Wireless Video System

2020-05-13 18:02:27 Admin 103

Application: Public Security, Wireless Surveillance, Law Enforcement, Patrol, Investigation. 

The system coordinates with miniature camera, is specially design for covert video transmission. The transmitter (LKAV-1519) comes with lightweight design, suitable for body-worn use. It adopts the leading COFDM modulation technology, could take video in a high speed mobility and real time transmit high quality video with encryption. With strong NLOS transmission ability. The system consists of front end and back end equipments. The front end includes Mini Covert Transmitter (w/ battery, PN#LKAV-1519), Miniature Camera, Video Cable and Rod Antenna. The back end includes Handheld Receiver (w/ screen, PN#LKAV-1104), Antennas and Video Cable. The whole front devices are carried by law enforcer or installed in a covert place (working condition is absolutely silent), and then transmit the video (SD/HD) to back end, facilitate back end personnel to monitor the situation in real time.