LinkAV Mesh System for CCS Remote Ship Survey

2020-09-08 18:22:35 Admin 139

August-26th at 11:00am, with surveyor Mr. Lee of the Nansha Inspection Office of CCS Guangzhou branch, we went to the Longxue Island and board the Yuanlan Bay Product Oil Tanker for LinkAV IP Mesh System testing. This time we mainly conducted separate tests in the ballast tanks and cargo tanks. Total two Mesh nodes were used, one node was connected to the computer with a network cable on the deck, and the other node was connected to the body worn camera via 5.8G WIFI, we went all the way down to the ballast tank bottom and cargo tank bottom, the 1080p video and audio transmission quality were very good. In summary, our Mesh system can solve the problem of wireless video transmission in the ballast tank & cargo tank (with very narrow exit) and meet the requirements of remote ship survey.

Watch the videos here: