LinKAV IP Mesh (MANET) System Demo for Guilin Fire Drill

2020-12-24 18:15:33 Admin 98

On Dec. 22nd, LinkAV was invited to participate in a large-scale complex fire drill in Guangxi to demonstrate its IP MESH (MANET) communication system, which is mainly used for communication coverage and visual dispatch command in complex environment. The actual combat exercise held in Guilin, Guangxi, was to test the proficiency of combatants' tactical actions and the practicability of the commander's strategic plan. The relevant leaders of the corps visited the scene to guide and comment, which improved the overall emergency response capabilities. The communication of this exercise uses 2 channels of reconnaissance video to achieve full coverage transmission without blind spots in an underground mall of 12,000 square meters. The command center can watch the dispatching command smoothly throughout the entire process. At the same time, it has fully tested the IP MESH (MANET) communication system as an excellent underground emergency communication system.

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