LinkAV MESH Radios Help State Grid Beijing Maintenance Company to Patrol High-voltage Lines

2021-12-28 16:38:58 Admin 444

Customer: State Grid Beijing Maintenance Company

Test Location: Mang Moutain of Changping

Test Devices: 1x MANET2201B (4W), 2x MANET3702 (10W), 3x PTT Microphone, 1x SATCOM, 1x DJI Drone and the Remote Control w/ Video

Test Details: There is no 4G mobile signal in the Mang mountain area, in order to transmit the drone high-voltage line patrol video back to the back-end command center in real time, and to make voice calls with front-line personnel at different locations, three LinkAV MESH radios bypassed the two mountains in two hops. The video from drone remote control is extended to SATCOM through the MESH radio (connected via WIFI), and then transmitted back to the command center.