The LKAV-3711 is a portable manpack mesh network product, it can transmit audio, video and IP data in real time, and its multi-hop relay can increase the wireless transmission distance. Its self-organizing network automatically selects the path, and the network mode is flexible, which can be used for multi-unit and multi-department joint transmission. It has strong anti-blocking and anti-interference performance, and is very suitable for mobile communication under complex environment. It can be applied to the Public Security, Armed Police, Fire Control, Civil Air Defense, Military, EOD Robot and UGV to establish real-time and rapid communication and unified coordination and command. The composed wireless mesh network can be connected with the command center through the gateway, access to the private network or the public network.

n  Frequency 300MHz-1.5GHz customizable (default 1.4GHz)

n  High bandwidth up to 70Mbps

n  Transmission range 1-2km NLOS, and 10-20km LOS

n  Supports up to 9 hops and no less than 32 nodes

n  Full transparent IP data transmission

n  Supports two-way intercom

n  With WIFI and supports smart device access

n  Supports webcam access

n  Strong anti-interference and diffraction ability

n  High safety and reliability

Transmission Characteristics


300MHz-1.5GHz (default 1.4GHz)

Channel Bandwidth

5M/10M/20M (adjustable)

Transmit Power

33dBm (Max)

Modulation Type

BPSK/QPSK/16-QAM (self-adaption)


1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6

Digital Sensitivity

93dBm/5MHz (Max)

Transmission Rate

Up to 70Mbps

Network Capability

Up to 9 hops and no less than 32 nodes

Data Characteristics

Video Input

HDMI: 1080p/1080i/720p/720i…(Mode adaptive)

AV: 720x480/60i (NTSC), 720x576/50i (PAL) (Mode adaptive)

Video Compression


RF Interface

TNC F*2, SMA F*2

Ethernet Interface

Lemo 9-Pin female

Intercom Interface

Lemo 7-Pin female

Signal Indicator

1x LED dual color (Green/Red)


256-bit AES (support set password)

Electrical Characteristics

Working Voltage

DC 16.8V

Working Current


Power Consumption


Physical Characteristics


≤1.2kg (w/ battery)



IP Grade


Storage Temp.


Working Temp.